The Complex World of Organisations for HRs, Part II: The HR Function

By Nora Stefanova

There is no doubt that the HR function is undergoing a transformation exactly like that of the company. We are not going to comment here on the evolution of the HR function, which has been entrusted from Personnel Administration to People Management or the turbulence that, at the environment le...

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HR Marketing

By Nora Stefanova

The purpose of HR Marketing is to clarify the role and contribution of HR to the objectives of organizations. To do this, the HR Management must work strategically, effectively direct people in their department and know how to market the work they do.


An HR marketing project must be:

·  Att...

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Internal Marketing: A New HR Management System

By Nora Stefanova

The company must face the changes that occur in the environment where it is located and it must learn how to act to survive in it. Products and services become obsolete and must be renewed depending on the stage of their life cycle. And the same goes for employees, since they too are changing, evolv...

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The HR Management: The New Organisation

By Nora Stefanova

Recently the Human Resources function is witnessing an exception due to the growing importance of the human factor in companies. However, it is essential to insist that the human factor is not the most important thing in the company: the human factor is the company.


From a typically administrat...

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The Integrated Human Resources Management System & The Organisational Effectiveness

By Nora Stefanova



Every organization and every manager aims to achieve high or at least acceptable effectiveness. However, effectiveness is understood differently by each company.


We can say that a common elemen...

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