Plamen Nikolov, General Manager

Esseterre Bulgaria, part of doTERRA – Dobrich, BULGARIA

Basically we had two projects with Nora Stefanova:

  • Back in 2017 we realized the need of a support from a specialist in communication and internal company interaction. That was the reason to engage Nora Stefanova at that time to lead us through the frenetic area of business communication.
  • 2019, after couple of years of fast and almost uncontrolled growth, we came to a point to see that our company structure needs an urgent reorganization and adjustment to the reality and environment of our business and the personal skills of the high and middle management should be supported by a specialist, so we started a second large program in 3 main parts with Nora Stefanova - leadership, communication & teamwork and administrative management skills & organization.

After the first project we improved our internal communication and the general mood and relations in the company stepped on a new level. It was a great experience to see how fast this can go ahead, when the demand from our side met the professionalism of Nora Stefanova.

The direct result from the second set of seminars was even greater - moving us to the position to start a serious renovation of the organization chart of Esseterre, supported from an analysis of each and every position in the company based on tests and recommendations from Nora Stefanova. The unique combination between the empathic personality of Nora Stefanova and her deep professionalism and  patience in the work with us helped us to realize our strengths and made us more sensitive, but also active in front of our less positive virtues.

We were able to see how Nora's qualities work: she is a great observer and analyst. She is able to collect impressions in every moment during the seminars and her reports after that show how focused and detailed she is. Her conclusions are based on a perfect combination between emotional intelligence, scientific approach and eloquence.

Practically said: what you receive after that as a manager is not a ready solution, but a realistic description how to come to your solution, based on your and your colleague's abilities and potential, how to structure your daily, but also strategical efforts and all these based on simple human steps.”

Ivan Bondokov, Co-Founder

Limacon Event Center, Limacon Marketing, Limacon SalesHub – Plovdiv, BULGARIA

In the past several years we’ve worked closely with Nora for developing soft and professional skills in some of our customers in Plovdiv through interactive workshops in topics like interviewing skills, effective recruitment, communication skills etc.

Well, I must say we have only positive feedback from our participants and what they’ve learned with Nora is something valuable that our customers now are implementing every day in their professional life. Especially in business communication skills we see huge improvement after the work with Nora.

Nora is amazing professional and great person! She is so passionate when working with people and most important – likes to work on difficult cases and challenges. It’s some kind of human relief to have such skilled coach working with your team or customer and seeing the immediate results following. I do recommend highly Nora and her team.’’ 

Daniela Atanasova, Financial Director

BG Agro Company – Varna, BULGARIA

We have been partnering with Nora Stefanova and MUZZA in several projects and activities including a training course for the Financial Department on effective team work and change management, consultancy support in team effectiveness, group dynamics and dealing with difficult behavior, training needs analysis, and internal communication and communication channels improvement.

The results of our common work for the Financial team include the development of internal information & communication system and upgrading of additional team trainings and internal development activities.
Among the key benefits of working with Nora are: an individual approach toward client’s reality, a high service quality guaranteeing maximum result and success; professional feedback and analysis of training and learning processes followed by recommendations for development with concrete actions; follow-up contact and added value through continuous upgrading consultations, effective and practical solutions

Tanya Penkova, HR & Integrated Management System Manager

Aquatek & Express Garantion Companies – Varna, BULGARIA

Recently we have implemented several projects in partnership with and with the direct participation of Nora Stefanova. Among them are the strategic trainings of the management teams of Aquatek Company and Topola Skies Summer Resort. Nora has also been delivering coaching sessions to one of our managers. Currently, she is responsible for developing and delivering individual and team management training sessions as part of our team development policy. I personally, as an HR Manager, have been part of her training on Executive Search Techniques for internal HRs.

The feedback from her training in our teams showed us a high level of satisfaction of all participants which is the main reason to continue working with Nora Stefanova. The benefits of the delivered by Nora trainings are in several areas:

  • Highly motivated team. An emotional uplift has occurred immediately after training. Long afterwards, people are heard quoting sentences or examples from her training.
  • Communication between different units has improved. People have become more aware, notice and recognize their own communication mistakes, they know how to react and correct them in the internal communication and information flow.
  • The interactive methods and the attractive presentation of Nora ease the techniques learned by colleagues to be permanently remembered and accepted as a mechanism of action.

Nora Stefanova is a trainer with a high level of professionalism and skills, extremely rich and varied experience as well as a deep knowledge of modern methods and programs for various practical trainings, seminars, individual programs and consulting in the field of management and human resources. A distinguishing feature of Nora is her psychological sense, morality, honest and open-minded attitude, talent to communicate and to influence, which makes her a very charismatic and effective trainer! We are pleased for trusting Nora when achieving the short- and long-term goals for the development of our key employees and teams!

Vesselina Dyakova, HR Manager

Delta Textile Bulgaria – Ruse, BULGARIA

We have completed several projects just in two years with Nora. The projects have been completely successful in terms of targeted results and time, including successful placement of HR Manager, and soon to be successfully placed Financial Manager. Full Job Descriptions Update project: a complicated project including full update and upgrade of all job descriptions in the company, actualization of the organisational structure and job titles, cascading lean, environmental, ecological and safety policies to individual position responsibilities, building a competence model per levels and key positions, following all standards of our key client NIKE. Another interesting project is Train The Trainer – preparing an internal Pool of 30 Trainers in order to improve internal exchange and upkeep of corporate knowledge, know-how and standards.

Nora is a brilliant professional! Executive Search, Training and Development, Organizational Diagnose and HR Consulting are just part of her Portfolio. A major focus in working with Nora is the processes of managing people and sharing knowledge between them so that business growth is achieved as efficiently as possible.

Maya Doneva, Executive Director

Karin Dom Foundation – Varna, BULGARIA

We have worked on two separate projects – she consulted me on my entry strategy when I was in transition to my CEO position and afterwards on needs-based training program for our team, where we worked on developing soft skills in the workplace (such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, team work, etc.). We worked with her on our annual team building and had a separate workshop focused on management and leadership skills for our senior management team. Currently we are benefiting from her expertise on developing our internal communicational system. The most useful aspects of working with Nora are her capacity to foresee the development of people and correctly co-create and plan team member performance based on evidence-testing and team dynamic.

Tihomir Donev, Chairman of the Managing Board

The Social Teahouse – Varna, BULGARIA

We have worked with Nora on a long term project based on organizational assessment and capacity building of The Social Teahouse - a social enterprise, which works as a cultural venue and restaurant providing mentorship and employment for youth raised in orphanages. Our organization has a very specific team dynamic and many management specificities, which were very professionally handled by Nora. The results we achieved were presented as an assessment and recommendation report and helped us plan and handle our rapid growth and expansions without compromising the organizational culture and the values behind our social impact. Working with Nora brings a lot of clarity, objectivity and structure to any context. Her result-oriented approach is very productive, especially in a dynamic environment such as ours.